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Registration - Renewal

As per the rules now in existence and as per the machinery now available, the candidate has to report in person to get his name registered in the Employment Exchange. But in future, when the provision for online registration comes into effect, the candidate can register his name from any computer that has an internet connection.  But the certificates, in original, are to be produced in the Employment Exchange with in the specified time for verification to avail seniority from the date of registration.

The minimum age limit for registration is 14 years.  No maximum age limit has been prescribed.

A candidate can register his name only with the Employment Exchange under whose jurisdiction he resides. Dual registration is looked upon as a penal offence. The punishment will amount to forfeiture of registration.

But a person possessing Professional and Executive qualifications can register their names in the Professional and Executive Employment Office, Thiruvananthapuram or the Regional Professional and Executive Employment Exchanges at Ernakulam or Kozhikkode, under whose jurisdiction he resides as the case may be,  and retain his registration in the local exchange also.

However the registration, at the local exchange would be treated as secondary only for considering them against vacancies requiring lower qualification. Like wise the ex-service personnel too can maintain primary registration in the Zilla Zainik Board and the secondary registration in the local employment exchange also. 

More over if that ex-service candidate has a professional degree or a minimum second class post graduation; he can have registration at the Professional & Executive Employment exchange also.

Literacy is the minimum qualification required to register in the Employment Exchange. 6 digit N C O Code is used for the classification of occupation and any number of A O cards are permitted.

Documents to be produced in original at the time of Registration for Verification

a) Certificate to prove the place of residence 

b) Certificate to prove age.

c) Certificate to prove caste if they belong to reservation communities.

d) Certificates and mark list to prove educational qualification/experience.

e) In case of disabled persons, Medical Certificates to prove Disability,

f) Certificates to prove marital status to claim benefits given to Widows/divorced/ Unmarried and over 35 years of age, inter caste marriage etc.

Certificates to be produced to prove the place of residence

1. School/College Certificates

2. Ration Card

3. Electors Photo Identity Card (in own name/ fathers/mothers/wives or husbands name)

4. Copy of the Electoral Roll Extract

5. Passport (in own name/ fathers/mothers/wives or husbands name)

6. Residential Certificate from Revenue Authorities

7. Residential Certificate from Local Body Authorities

8. Nativity Certificate issued by Village Officer

9. Non-Creamy Layer Certificate issued by Tahsildar

10. Driving License

11. Identity Card issued to physically handicapped persons by Social Welfare Department

12. Employment Certificate issued by the employer to father /mother /wife/husband of the candidate.

No fee is levied for registration. The job seekers are provided with a printed form which can be had from the Employment Exchange free of cost. All the services rendered now are free. The job seekers are given an identity card after registration.

Addition of Qualification

Qualifications achieved after registering the name in the Employment Exchange can be added to the registration record as and when it is acquired. The selection from the Employment Exchange is based on the seniority on first come first served basis. So it is desirable to add the certificate as soon as they are obtained to gain maximum possible seniority.  

If the certificates pertain to educational qualification, they can be produced before the Employment Officer along with the registration identity card. They may not wait for the next renewal time for this. They can add the certificate immediately on getting the same so that they will get the seniority of the day on which they add the new certificate.

They will not lose any of the previous seniority they have achieved for any of the qualifications previously added. All the lower qualifications should be added before adding the higher qualification.

If they get an experience certificate from a private employer, they will have to produce the same duly countersigned by the concerned labour officer/inspector of boilers/ITI instructors etc as the case of field of experience.

If the experience is a discharged one, the experience certificate should be produced with in 90 days of the date of discharge, other wise the whole seniority will be lost.   If the candidate has left the job at his own request, the whole seniority will be lost.

If the experience certificate is of a continuing nature, the employee has to produce no objection certificate from the employer.

Note: For the purpose of the experience certificate there is an approved prescribed format which is available with the Employment Exchange.

Registration Renewal

The registration is valid for a period of 3 years. The registrants are to renew their registration in the renewal month of the 3rd year of registration to save it from being cancelled. However they are normally given a grace period of 2 months. The Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates are given a grace period of one year. The Physically Handicapped candidates shall be intimated of the date on which the registration lapses.

As per the existing rules the candidates may appear in person or by messenger at the Employment Exchange with the identity card for the renewal of registration. The candidates can renew the registration by post as well. For this they should send reply paid post card incorporating the details of registration in the card. They should not however send their original registration card by post.

When the facility for online renewal is implemented in future, the registrant can renew the registration from a computer anywhere that has an internet connection and can take the printout of the renewed identity card.

Lapsed Registration

Those persons who could not renew their registration but still want  the services of the Employment Department can register afresh with the seniority of the date of re-registration. Even if they do so, sometimes it may happen, that according to the special orders from the Government they may get their previous seniority restored if they apply with in the time limit prescribed in such Government Orders.

A candidate who has lost seniority of registration for want of timely renewal, due to the following reasons, can get restoration of his seniority by applying to the Director of Employment.

a) Illness, delivery, miscarriage:  Application to be submitted to the Director of Employment enclosing the photocopy of the registration identity card and along with a Medical Certificate with OP No/IP No from a Government Doctor or from an A Class Medical Practitioner stating that the candidate was under his treatment and he was not able to appear before the Employment Exchange for renewal.

b) Illness of close relatives: candidates father/mother/ husband / wife / son / daughter / sister and brothers, being hospitalized, a medical certificate from the physician should be produced with I.P No.

This benefit (a & b) is allowed only if the treatment occurred either in the month of renewal or in between the grace period of 2 months or 2 months before the months due for renewal provided they apply with in six months completing treatment.

c) Other cases such as:

a. Arrest under preventive detention laws.

b. Natural calamities like earth quake, flood, fire etc.

c. Armed conflict with a foreign country.

d. Severe internal disturbances necessitating imposition of curfew etc.

Candidates should produce an affidavit from the Tahsildar concerned stating the reason thereof for restoring seniority.

All such relaxation are restricted to the job seekers whose registration lapsed after July 93.

(d) More over Government may issue orders allowing the candidates to renew their lapsed registration at certain intervals.

Note:  The candidates who have got restored their old seniority on the above reasons are no way eligible for Unemployment Allowance for the above period.

Registration Transfer

a) Change of address within the jurisdiction: If the change of address is within the jurisdiction of the same Exchange, the address will be changed in the registration record by the Employment Officer if an application is given.

(b) Transfer with in the state: If the shifting of residence is to another area which comes under the jurisdiction of another Exchange within the State, the candidate should submit a request for transfer along with the identity card and proof of the change of residence to the Employment officer of the Exchange to which he is registered.

(c) Transfer out of the state: If the request is for transfer outside Kerala only an application is sufficient along with the surrender of registration identity card.


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